5 Ways Smart Energy Changes Your Bookkeeping

Electricity has changed the way we do business but can also be a burden. Organizations of all sizes try to reduce their energy consumption in the hopes they will improve their bookkeeping. Renowned expert in artificial intelligence Bastiaan de Groot believes there is far more money to be saved in the smart technologies of today for those who can unlock this 21st century secret. We’ll show 5 ways smart energy changes your bookkeeping in layman’s terms below.

  1. Smart Thermostat

The basic premise of the smart thermostat is to power up your AC or heater when needed. It also takes the system down a notch when no one is there. As anyone with an electricity bill can tell you, heating and cooling make up the lion’s share. A smart thermostat lets you save money by easily programming temperatures for you during periods of vacancy, such as off-hours, weekends, holidays, etc. Smart thermostats may be programmed to adjust the temperature to add comfort when clients are present. Smart thermostats can even be programmed to learn your routines so you only have to program once. Many models will also pair with your smartphone for easy adjustment while away from the office.

  1. Advanced Surge Protector

You may have them hooked up to keep your vital equipment from shorting out during power storms. They can also work in a smart way to reduce energy costs. Hook them up to your computer systems and other power hungry equipment. These anti-surge devices use tech with a proprietary auto-switch hard wired to automatically turn off devices that are not in use, which save your business money by reducing overall energy usage.

The power strips themselves use very little energy. For example, the Smart Strip LCG uses just one watt of power when fully engaged, which drops to less than a quarter of a watt when the automatically switched outlets are off.

  1. Get a Water Filter

The water cooler is an office staple. It doesn’t have to be from a bookkeeper’s standpoint. Water services can be expensive. Get rid of your provider if your business’s size does not justify the water cooler use. Water filters cost about $10 each and can replace several barrels of water. Many of them easily attach to standard sink faucets and can be installed in minutes.

  1. Invest in New Lighting

Did you know Atlas Global Solutions cut energy costs by 75% and improved productivity by 20% at a plant by investing smart LED lights? According to Network World, they installed a smart lighting system that allowed them to set preferred lighting times, as well as track activity in order to improve workflow. The 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility had an energy consumption of 1.3 million kilowatt hours per year. These and other upgrades dropped the usage all the way down to 300,000 kilowatt hours per year, making the initial investment well worth the cost.

  1. Get a New Electricity Plan

Just because you used an energy provider last year doesn’t mean you have to do so this year. Electricity rates are constantly changing. Energy providers are just hoping you will simply renew your plan without looking anything over. Keep more money in your pockets instead of theirs by shopping around.

Those of you who live in Australia can find the right plan. They shop all plans across the state to bring you the best choices. Be sure to pay attention to how many kilowatts are included in the plan, as rates tend to vary depending on how much you use.

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